What is Excel Compiler?

Excel Compiler (xlCompiler) is an application that converts your Excel file into standalone EXE file that works identically to your Excel model.
This is ideal way to protect your Excel models (calculations and VBA code) and make Excel file ready to distribution.
Term compiler in computing means a computer program, that translates source code written in the high-level language into lower-level language or into the executable program.
In case with Excel compiler, Excel file is like a source code on the high-level programming language. While the standalone EXE file (that doesn't require Excel application and other runtime modules) is output of the compilation.

What are the benefits of choosing Excel Compiler?

Make your file ready to distribute

Best Spreadsheet Protection

If you develop your software in Excel, you need an effective way to protect your models for distribution. When your customer installs your file there should be no way for illegal installations.
xlCompiler doesn't use Microsoft Excel. So, how it works? All formulas are compiled into the binary format and evaluated inside Spreadsheet Core - our spreadsheet calculation engine. xlCompiler doesn't offer Excel features, that allows to break protection on the Excel file and extract formulas and VBA code.

Strongest VBA Protection

Copy protection options

Visual Basic project is converted into the instructions for the Spreadsheet Core, that executes them identically to Excel. xlCompiler supports all Visual Basic functions, forms and controls. VBA Compiler is a module that is responsible for VBA code conversion.
You can't sell your Excel file if there are no commands that asks for Activation Key or allows you to provide evaluation period to your customers. In other words, you need copy protection options to give your customer application, that can be bound to his computer. If you are not a programmer, this is complex task, but xlCompiler does this job for you!
xlCompiler is more than just a spreadsheet compiler. It converts Excel file not to standard EXE file, but to the ready to sell application (commercial product).
If you are ready to begin - download xlCompiler right now and start your evaluation!

Excel Spreadsheet Compiler Features

Protect Worksheet Formulas
Protect VBA Macros
Protect VBA Forms
Add license agreement
Activation Key protection
Sign EXE with certificate
Save\Load modified data
Sales Chart in Excel
Sales Chart in the compiled application
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Most common questions regarding Excel Compiler

If you need more information on the Excel Compiler options, here we'll try to answer to the most common questions.

Are my formulas converted into binary format?

Yes. xlCompiler reads contents of your Excel workbook including formulas and convert formulas into instructions for Spreadsheet Core engine.

Can formulas be extracted?

No. This is impossible!
Even our company doesn't have a de-compiler. There is no way to extract worksheet formulas if you don't know the format of the binary file and format used to store formulas.

Does xlCompiler compile my Visual Basic code?

Yes sure. Visual Basic macros are converted into binary instructions, that are executed with by engine.

Can Visual Basic code be extracted?

No. You can't get access to the Visual Basic project.
You can not extract visual basic code from the compiled EXE. If you model contains thousands of lines of code, that is your intellectual property, you can be sure that it is in the safe place!

Can I sign my application with certificate?

Yes. You can sign your application with code signing certificate to satisfy the Windows standards.

How is the modified data saved?

In the external files. Application doesn't overwrite itself. It works like any other document-oriented application. So when you press Save command data is saved in the external file. After you save it you can load it into EXE file at any time by using Open command.

Does Excel have a compiler?

No. Excel application is a part of Microsoft Office 365 this product has other purposes. If you need to distribute a software product based on the Microsoft Excel file, you need a Spreadsheet Compiler. Excel Spreadsheet Compiler is not a part of the Microsoft Office.

VBA Compiler

VBA Compiler is a software that converts VBA project included into your Excel file into the binary application.
Excel Spreadsheet Compiler includes module that converts VBA code and forms into application, that is completely independent. It doesn't require Excel or other third-party software to run.

Excel Spreadsheet Compiler F.A.Q.

Below we publish the most common questions regarding xlCompiler (Excel Compiler). If you can't find an answer to your question, please contact us. We will be happy to help you!
Table in Excel file
Excel Spreadsheet Compiler: Table in the application file
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General Questions

How to check that EXE created by this file is completely standalone?
This is easy. Make sure that you don't have Excel workbooks opened at this moment. Then start EXE, created by xlCompiler and run the Task Manager. If compiled application uses hidden Excel Application, you'll see EXCEL.exe process on the Processes tab. In case of the workbook compiled by our excel compiler, there should be no EXCEL.exe entry.
Also, you can run the Process Explorer application to see list of the active processes and services.
If you are using another "Excel Compiler" application, and you see EXCEL.exe - application uses Excel to display UI and evaluate values in formulas. Probably, this will lead to slow formula evaluation.
Should I be a programmer in order to use this product
No. This product is not for programmers. We've created it for usual Excel developers.
To create an executable file you should write a program and use a compiler (for example Microsoft Visual Studio). This process requres some knowledge from you. With our product you should not create a program. Everything is done by xlCompiler. You pass workbook file to xlCompiler and receive executable as output. Our product is not so complex as Excel, so you'll have no problems with it.
Is Apple (iOS) platform supported?
Current version of xlCompiler works only with Windows platform.
Compiled application can't be used directly on the iOS (Apple devices).
We plan to support Apple in the future, but now this project is not yet implemented.
Which formats are supported by xlCompiler?
We've started from the XLS\XLSM\XLSX file formats. This is Open XML format introduced with Excel 2007 and XLS format used by previous versions of Excel. Other formats are in the our project list also. But at this moment we support only this format.
As a workaround, you can convert your workbook from Excel 2007 binary format (XLSB) to XLSM and compile the document.

Create Custom Ribbon User Interface

Custom Ribbon UI created by Excel Spreadsheet Compiler
Invoice Worksheet in Excel
Invoice Worksheet in the compiled application
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