F.A.Q.: Assign HotKey

Call VBA macro with a hotkey

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How to assign Hot-Key to the VBA macro

In the Excel you can open properties of the VBA macro and assign Hot-Key combination to selected procedure.

Does this work with xlCompiler?

Unfortunately - No. xlCompare has no access to this information and doesn't load hot keys.

So, you should use a workaround. Excel allow to setup hotkey programmatically, using VBA macro statements.

Application.OnKey( Key, Procedure) method allows to assign a procedure to the hot-key combination.

We suggest you to add a Workbook_Open event to your workbook and define all hotkeys in one place.

You'll get code like this one:

Private Sub Workbook_Open()
  Application.OnKey "^w", "RebuildCharts"
End Sub

It assigns procedure RebuildCharts to the Strl+w key.

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