Excel File Compiler Features and Options

Which spreadsheet features are available in the xlCompiler?
Spreadsheet Applications are complex and feature-rich. It is not just a calculation machine which evaluate cells. Formatting options, Shapes, Charts, Tables, Filters, Pivot Tables, Validation Rules, Conditional Formatting, VBA Macros, ... - all these features make Spreadsheet Application a powerful software. You can solve a very wide range of tasks with it.
At this moment abilities of the xlCompiler doesn't cover all features needed by Spreadsheet Application. But every day we are working on the new features and improving the existing ones. This topic contains up-to date information about the xlCompiler. When new feature is published - we add it to this list.
xlCompiler spreadsheet features list:
Formula Functions. We've implemented the most recently used spreadsheet formula functions, array formulas and names in the xlCompiler. If you need a function which is not implemented yet - contact us. Typically we add new functions in 1-2 days.
We can add a function which is not present in the another Spreadsheet Applications per your request - just explain us what you need.
Visual Basic Project. xlCompiler supports Visual Basic Macros and Forms. We have engine which evaluates compiled VB code and allows you to use Forms with the following types of controls:
  • Check Box
  • Combo Box
  • Command Button
  • Group Frame
  • Label
  • List Box
  • Radio Button
  • Scroll Bar
  • Text Box
Validation Rules. You can use following types of validation rules:
  • Date
  • Number
  • List (Range) of Values
  • Value in the range (between Min and Max values)
Error message and Input message are supported.
Charts. Chart is very important component used for presentation modules. The charts types listed below are implemented:
  • Bar
  • Column
  • Line
  • Pie
Shapes. Text Shapes are widely used for various purposes in Spreadsheeet. xlCompiler has such types of shapes:
  • Rectangle
  • Rounded rectangle
  • Ellipce
  • Arrows
  • Connectors
Controls. On the worksheet you can use these types of controls:
  • Combo Box
  • Command Button
  • Check Box
  • Group Frame
  • Label
  • List Box
  • Radio Button
  • Scrollbar
  • Spin button
Number Formatting. The formatting used by xlCompiler is compartible with Number Formatting used in the another Spreadsheet Applications. You can format cell values as:
  • General Format (default formatting options)
  • Number (thousand and decimal separators, control number of decimal and fractional digits)
  • Percentage
  • Currency
  • Accounting
  • Text
  • Date and Time
Comments. If your workbook has comments, in the compiled file these comments will work as in the original book. But your customer can't add new commands and edit the existing ones.
Printing and Pring Preview. xlCompiler allows you to print documents and preview them before printing.
Hidden Sheets. If sheet is hidden - there is no way to make it visible for your customer. But you can manage visibility from the VB macro.
Copy Protection options:
Activation Key (for trial verions, licensed versions, time limited licenses, ...)
End User License Agreement
May be we've forget something. Please, ask us about the feature you need, if you don't see it here: support@SpreadsheetTools.com