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How to report us an issue you've experienced

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How to contact us?

  • By e-mail
  • Fill the Technical Request form on the Spreadsheet Tools website
  • If you want to discuss product features or need our assistance, we can use Skype. E-mail us when you want to do skype conversation and we'll call you.

We suggest you to review the topics below. Possible you'll find answer to your questions here.
We've created a F.A.Q section on our website. It contains answers to the most common questions we receive. In this section you'll also find a useful information for you. Go to the F.A.Q. topic

I've found a problem

If you've found a bug in the xlCompiler, or you have a suggestion - please, go to the support form on the Spreadsheet Tools website, and send us bugreport. We will review it and publish a quick fix.

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