Help: use drop button menu on the ribbon tab

Drop Button Menu

Add Drop Button menu to the Ribbon Control

Drop Button is an important part of all modern interfaces. In xlCompiler you need a few lines of VBA code to create such element.

Drop Ribbon Button

' add button
With .AddDropButton
 ' initialize it
 .Image = "Dollar.32"
 .Caption = "Currency: USD"
 .OnAction = "OnApplyCurrency"
 ' create and initialize Drop Menu
 With .Menu
  ' add 3 commands to the menu
  With .AddCommand
   .Caption = "USD"
   .Tag = "Currency.USD"
   .Image = "Dollar"
   .OnAction = "OnSelectCurrency"
  End With
  With .AddCommand
   .Caption = "EUR"
   .Tag = BTN_EURO
   .Image = "Euro"
   .OnAction = "OnSelectCurrency"
  End With
  With .AddPopup
   .Caption = "Currency Settings ..."
   .Image = "Options"
   With .AddCommand
    .Caption = "Enable\Disable EURO"
    .Image = "Pencil"
    .OnAction = "OnEnableEuroCurrency"
   End With
  End With
 End With
End With

As you can see every command needs 6 lines of VBA code.

When you click on the button subroutine defined by Button::OnAction property is called.

But when you select any of the commands in the drop down menu - Command::OnAction property is used to call the routine.

In the example above we are using 2 different routines to apply selected currency and to select currency.