Create Activation Key

When your customer runs compiled spreadsheet, he needs Activation Key to open it. Below we'll show you how to create Activation Keys:
You can access Key Generator using menu item Tools | Manage Activation Keys
This menu opens Create Key dialog box:
To create a key you should provide 3 options:
  • Computer Name name of the user's PC.
  • Product Key - this is text string which identifies your product. You can enter it directly into this field, but we suggest to use browse button [...] to manage product keys. This allows you to keep permenent list of product keys on your PC.
  • Expiration Date - date when this key became invalid. You can specify date when you want it to stop working, or enter number of days until expiration. Both fields are updated when you change one of them.
Tip: You can provide Activation Key to your customer before running the spreadsheet on his PC. He only should give you name of his PC, to generate Activation Key.