Excel Compiler Example

See examples of the applications created by xlCompiler. These files are FREE for download.
Sample files, described on this page include several Excel workbooks (XLSM), xlCompiler project files (XCP) and compiled application files (EXE). Every Excel workbook shows specific Excel feature. You can see how this feature works, when it is compiled to the application. xlCompiler projects show usage of the compilation options and copy protection features, you can add to the compiled book.
Should I install xlCompiler before downloading samples? You should have xlCompiler installed to open and build project files. So you should visit the Download page first. But if you want just to review the applications created by xlCompiler, you can install only sample files. They contain executable files created by xlCompiler.
We are going to add new sample files in the every update. If you want to see how the specific feature works - let us know which feature you need: support@SpreadsheetTools.com.