Convert Excel Workbook to EXE

Compile excel file to completely standalone application without programming

Hide Formulas
All formulas in your workbook are converted into binary format and became completely unaccessible to users
Hide VBA Macros
Your Visual Basic Code is stored in a form of the binary intermediate code, executed by Spreadsheet Core Engine
Incredible Performance
Spreadsheet Core Engine executes formulas and Visual Basic functions up to 5 times faster than Excel Application
Ready to Sell Application (Excel not required)
Going to sell your Excel File? xlCompiler adds activation key (with expiration timeout), end user license agreement and other copy protection options to the created EXE. You pass an Excel workbook to xlCompiler and it converts file to application, which is ready to distribution.

How to compile Excel workbook to application

The process of creating EXE file from Excel workbook is relatively simple from the first look. But, if you go indepth, this process became much more complex. Ofcourse, if you want to get working application in the output.
Method used by xlCompiler
xlCompiler contains Spreadsheet Core Engine inside. This is spreadsheet calculation engine developed by Spreadsheet Tools company for it's applications. This excel file compatible component to effectively calculate excel worksheet formulas and visual basic macros. It supports:
  • Worksheet Formula functions and Array Formulas
  • Visual Basic Functions and Forms
  • Cell Formatting options
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Data Validation Rules
  • Excel Tables
  • Charts: Line, Bar, Column, Pie, Scatter, ...
  • Linked Workbooks
  • Shapes (Buttons, Connectors, Labels, Frames and other)
  • Cell Protection options
  • Ribbon Interface
  • Print and Print Preview
  • Math Equations
  • and more ...
Workbook is embedded into the EXE file, compiled into a form of binary code. This code is passed to the Spreadsheet Core and executed when formulas are recalculated or when application requires VBA macro to be executed.
You are getting application, which looks and works like your source workbook, but Excel is not used!
This allows us not only to increase performance of the compiled file, but to add copy protection options and make your Excel File ready to distribution.
On the screenshot below is a Print Preview Window in the application created by Excel File Compiler.
xlCompiler Print Preview
Other Methods to get EXE file from XLS workbook
One of the methods is to keep formulas converted to the intermediate code inside your workbook and use Excel application as a host to display worksheets, cell formatting and other Excel features. You may ask - how this method supports Visual Basic Code. In some, known for us, cases VBA Code is just stored in its native form in the VBA project. This creates a vulnerability in the software and risk of extraction VBA macros and losing your intellectual property. So, using Excel as a host application is a working method. You can use this way to convert your workbook to EXE.
Another known method - convert your workbook into the code in the programming language (C++, Python, C#) and compile this code into application. Formulas and VBA macros can be represented into a form of the C++ code (for example). This is the most complex way. As it requires compiler for this programming language to be install on your PC. Probably this application will be significantly limited in features: Conditional Formatting, Data Validation and other features, which require visual representation can't be easily implemented in this way.

What benefits you get if you choose our Excel Compiler

Convert Book to Application

xlCompiler creates Windows Application from your Excel workbook. Workbook is converted into fast and efficient binary code. You can use full power of the spreadsheet inside your model. More ...

Protect your privacy

The most effective way to protect your Excel workbook for distribution - is to convert it to binary executable. xlCompiler creates application file which has all formulas and macros converted into machine code. More ...

Excel is not required

xlCompiler is a unique product which creates completely stand-alone Windows Application. This is true Spreadsheet Compiler. Created EXE doesn't depend on Excel or other software. More ...

More than just a Spreadsheet

xlCompiler is powerful and flexible way to create different types of applications. Your customers will not know that application was created from Excel workbook. More ...

Speed up your model

Compiled application runs much faster then original workbook. This is the result of conversion and optimizations done by xlCompiler. More ...

Rich set of Components

There is no Development Environment on the market, which provides you same set of components as xlCompiler has. You should not order and use third-party modules. More ...

Why xlCompiler is the Spreadsheet Compiler you are looking for?

Formulas and VBA macros are stored in the compiled binary format. They are not accessible to users and there is no way to do reverse ingeneering. You need to protect formulas and code, to deploy your solution to customers. xlCompiler is a perfect and easy way to do it. There is no way to get original workbook from compiled application.
Options to activate your file on the customer's PC. With xlCompiler you can add to your workbook:
  • End User License Agreement
  • Activation Key Protection
Application could be signed with Code Signing Certificate. Why do you need this? Now Code Signing is an important feature. If your application is not signed it will be blocked for download by browsers, anti-virus applications, etc. Code signing is possible on with xlCompiler! Other applications create EXE which could be overwritten, in this case signature will be destroyed on the first Save operation.
Create customizable Ribbon UI. xlCompiler gives you quick and easy way to use Ribbon Interface in your application. Ribbon is created and managed by VBA code, which gives you huge flexibility.
Custom Ribbon
Macros are always enabled. If macros are disabled on your customer's PC - your workbook stops working and shows warning message. Customer should enable macros manually. With xlCompiler you will never trap into this situation - xlCompiler always executes Visual Basic macros.

Which spreadsheet features are supported?

Formulas, including array formulas and usual cell formulas. All the most common worksheet functions are supported by xlCompiler.
Functions and Forms created in the Visual Basic Editor. Below is a screenshot of the Form included into xlCompiler Samples:
Example of the Excel form
And the same form in the compiled application:
Screenshot of the Form in the compiled application
Visual Basic for Applications is a powerful and highly important feature. xlCompiler compiles VB code in the workbook, so it could be used in the compiled application in same way as in the source workbook.
Charts and Shapes. You can use charts and shapes (button, checkbox, combobox, connectors, list, ...) in the application.
Chart in the compiled application
Cell Styles and Conditional Formatting. xlCompiler supports same cell styles and Excel and allows to use conditional formatting. On the screenshot below formulas has been formatted with gray by using conditional formatting rule.
Sample application
Ribbon Interface. As you can see from screenshots, application created by xlCompiler has Ribbon interface.
Data Validation Rules. You can use Data Validation rules on the worksheets to validate entered data. Rule can have Input Prompt and Message as in Excel.
Comments. Use comments to give more information to users in context of the current operation.
Tables. Filter your data and calculate Totals using Tables.
Zoom. Select appropriate zoom for your worksheets.
Printing and Print Preview. Select Print tab on the ribbon to preview and print your data.
Print Preview
In this list we've described only basic options. If you need to check if the specific feature is supported - please contact us.

Customer Case: Compile and Distribute Excel Workbook

I have an Excel workbook, I would like to sell, with an evaluation period and time limited license. My customer should evaluate workbook during 15 days and after this he should order a license. The license works 1 year and should be renewed after this period.

Can I do it with your compiler?

Yes. This is typical model for software distribution and Excel workbook in this example is not an exception.

Let's look what xlCompiler can do for you.

  • Workbook is compiled into binary format and can't be decompiled.
  • Formulas and Visual Basic Forms and Code are protected and not available for viewing/editing.
  • Excel workbook is "bound" to the customer's PC by Computer Name or by using Hardware Based Serial Code
  • Your customer is not able to open workbook without Activation Key
  • You provide an evaluation key to your customer, which is valid for 15 days. After this period the software requests new Activation Key.
  • Activation Key Generator is included into Excel Compiler, you should not create it youself, or hire a programmer.
  • After ordering you provide your customer Activation Key with 1-year working period (annual license). The software works 1 year and requires new Activation Key after year is passed.

As you see, we give you powerful tool which makes your Excel file compiled into EXE ready to distribution. You should not be a programmer - just install it and use!

If you have any questions regarding the product and need more information to start using the compiler, please contact us on the Spreadsheet Tools website

Download XLS to EXE Compiler

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How to activate xlCompiler

Evaluation version of Excel Compiler is completely free and full-featured.

But, you need to register on our website to get the Evaluation License.

Please, visit this page to know how to activate xlCompiler on your PC.

How to activate Excel Compiler on your PC?