Compile Excel Workbook to Stand-Alone Application

Get ready to distribution application (EXE) from the Excel workbook (XLSM)
xlCompiler converts your Excel workbook into Machine Code
Spreadsheet gives you a lot of powerful features:
Formulas and Array Formulas
VBA Macros and Forms
Conditional Formatting
Validation Rules
Tables and Filters
and more ...
Column Chart
You can use all of them in your application. This is very fast and efficient way of development. You need to know only Excel, all other job is done by xlCompiler. In a few clicks you an application which is ready for distribution. You can distribute it immediately. What could be easier!
With xlCompiler you can put your focus into developing design and logic of your model. You should not learn programming languages, development environment and libraries. You should not spend time and money for programmers or development services.
xlCompiler is a next level in application development. If is simple, fast and error-free solution.