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General Questions

How to check that EXE created by this file is completely standalone?
This is easy. Make sure that you don't have Excel workbooks opened at this moment. Then start EXE, created by xlCompiler and run the Task Manager. If compiled application uses hidden Excel Application, you'll see EXCEL.exe process on the Processes tab. In case of the workbook compiled by our excel compiler, there should be no EXCEL.exe entry.
Also, you can run the Process Explorer application to see list of the active processes and services.
If you are using another "Excel Compiler" application, and you see EXCEL.exe - application uses Excel to display UI and evaluate values in formulas. Probably, this will lead to slow formula evaluation.
Should I be a programmer in order to use this product
No. This product is not for programmers. We've created it for usual Excel developers.
To create an executable file you should write a program and use a compiler (for example Microsoft Visual Studio). This process requres some knowledge from you. With our product you should not create a program. Everything is done by xlCompiler. You pass workbook file to xlCompiler and receive executable as output. Our product is not so complex as Excel, so you'll have no problems with it.
Is Apple (iOS) platform supported?
Current version of xlCompiler works only with Windows platform.
Compiled application can't be used directly on the iOS (Apple devices).
We plan to support Apple in the future, but now this project is not yet implemented.
Which formats are supported by xlCompiler?
We've started from the XLS\XLSM\XLSX file formats. This is Open XML format introduced with Excel 2007 and XLS format used by previous versions of Excel. Other formats are in the our project list also. But at this moment we support only this format.
As a workaround, you can convert your workbook from Excel 2007 binary format (XLSB) to XLSM and compile the document.

Create Custom Ribbon User Interface

Custom Ribbon UI created by Excel Spreadsheet Compiler

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