Convert Excel File to EXE

Step by Step: How to compile your workbook
Here we've placed step-by-step instruction on how to compile your file. This is complete instruction. It describes full path of your workbook - from Excel document (XLSM) to application file (EXE).
Start xlCompiler application. When application is opened, new project is created.
Use menu command Project | Add File. This command adds new file to your project.
Fill the file options like on this example:
Excel File Compiler new project
Options are required, so should fill the fields which are not marked as optional.
You can skip the Compilation Options now. These features are not needed for a simple project.
Press Ok and go back to the file list. Now your project should contain 1 file and look like this one:
Compilation Options for Excel Workbook
Save the project on disk in the any folder
Use Build | Compile menu command. Few seconds and you get EXE file, which is located in the same folder as source XLSM workbook.