Is it possible to extract formulas and macros from the file, created with Excel Compiler?

Quick answer: NO.
This is one of the primary aspects of Excel Compiler. Of course, compiled file has formulas and macros. But they are present in the compiled binary form. This is not an encrypted formula which is decoded on the fly and passed to Excel for calculation. This product is ideal for hiding formulas, calculations and VB project. There is no way to access formulas and VB modules in the compiled book.
You may ask us: macro ActiveCell.Formula returns formula in the currenly selected cell, so text of the formula is present. When text of the formula is requested it is decompiled from the binary code and string returned to the VB engine. But again, you can't find and call this decompilation function when you have an application file.
Also, this project doesn't have ability to decompile book. There is no way to restore original workbook from the executable file.