xlCompiler is more than just a spreadsheet

Excel spreadsheet compiler give you more feature than regular spreadsheet application
What is spreadsheet - this is a table with cells and formulas. You calculate them and get the results.
xlCompiler contains fast and powerful Spreadsheet Engine inside. But let's see what do you get in addition.
Protection Options
Add Activation Key or Password protection to your spreadsheet and make it ready to distribution.
Fully customizable Ribbon
Application created by xlCompiler has Ribbon Control instead of menu bar. Default Ribbon has several tabs with basic functions. You can modify\remove\hide them, or translate to your language. Also, you can add your own tabs with controls.
Custom Ribbon
Visual Basic Forms and Macros
VBA gives a huge extension for basic spreadsheet functionality. xlCompiler supports conditional directives #If ... Then ... #End If, so you can create code which works only in the compiled application, and ignored by Excel.
Charts and Shapes
Create charts and diagrams based on the data in your spreadsheet. Use shapes to create perfect design for your product.
Bar Chart
Tables and Filters
Organize your data and allow to filter it.
xlCompiler is a next level in application development. If is simple, fast and error-free solution.