List of the Ribbon Controls you can use on the Tabs

The following Ribbon Controls are available in the xlCompiler:
  • Button
  • ComboBox
  • Command Button
  • Drop Button
  • Label
  • Separator
  • Text Box
Image with a text (optional). Image could be 16 x 16 or 32 x 32 pixels.
This control is similar to the usual Windows Combobox Form Control. Just a drop down list of items. Which is optionally editable.
Command Button
Button without image. It has only caption. It looks like a standard button on the dialog box.
Drop Button
Button control with image and optional caption. It has a small Drop Button sign and shows menu when drop sign is pressed.
Standard Windows Label control. It is widely used on the Ribbon Tabs.
Vertical divider between 2 groups of buttons.
Text Box
Editable text field. Similar to the Windows Edit Control. As an extension it has Prompt property. Prompt is a text which is shown with muted italic font when TextBox is empty.
Print Tab on the image below is a good example of the different Ribbon controls:
Print Tab