Rich set of compoments given you with xlCompiler

xlCompiler gives you all you need to create ready to run application.
Protection Options
To distribute your application you need protection options, to prevent unauthorized distribution. xlCompiler has:
  • Activation Key
  • Password
protection options. Also, you can add End-User License Agreement to your product.
Create modern UI
Second important part - you need to create interface for your application. xlCompiler allows to create and customize Ribbon. So, your application will have modern UI.
Custom Ribbon
Visual Basic Forms and Macros
VBA Engine + Calculation Engine creates a powerful combination which is enough to create any complex application. Long list of supported VB Form Controls gives you ability to build perfect UI.
Charts and Shapes
You should not order third-party component to create charts. xlCompiler supports charts defined in the Excel workbooks, so you can use them in the compiled file also.
Bar Chart
Conditional Formatting and Data Validation
These functions gives you easy way to format and validate entered data.

xlCompiler is a next level in application development. If is simple, fast and error-free solution.

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