Adding copy-protection options to the compiled application

When you are going to distribute your EXE file, copy protection is very important. This is your intellectual property. From the business point of view you should have a profit from distribution, so every illegal copy - loss of your profit.
With xlCompiler you should not search Internet for third-party protection tool. Our product as activation features embedded into compiled application. Before you get the spreadsheet opened and working you should Accept License Agreement or enter activation key.
Now xlCompiler offsers such copy protection options:
  • Compile without protection
  • Activation Key protection
  • Display End User License Agreement and ask to accept it
As an additional option, Activation Key protection allows you to display End User License Agreement.
Activation Key is bound to the Computer Name. So, when your customer activates spreadsheet, it became "bound" to the specific PC. Activation Key unlocks the software only on this PC. To unlock the software on the another PC you should create another Activation Key.
Below is simple step-by-step instruction on adding Activation Key protection to your file
1. Create new project and add Excel workbook.
2. Double click on the file to open Options dialog. You can also select file in the list and use Right Click Menu for this.
Excel File Compiler Protection Options Dialog
3. Press Compilation Options ... button to open dialog with Compilation Options.
Compilation Options: Excel File Compiler
When you open this dialog first time, you see only No Protection option and mothing more. Select Activation Key item in the combobox to see all options.
4. Activation Key protection doesn't work without Product Key. This is secret string used to generate Activation Keys.
On our image key is already entered. Press [...] button to open list of saved keys. In this list you can easily create new random key.
We suggest you to use [...] button and keep all keys you are using in the permanent list.
Now you can close options and compile your project. When you run EXE it will ask you for Activation Key!
Tip: Do you know that you can run your EXE directly from the xlCompiler application?
If no - select your file and use Right Click Menu:
Run compiled EXE with right click menu in xls2exe converter
Important: In this topic we didn't add End User License Agreement to spreadsheet. It is described in the separate topic: How to add End User License Agreement.
Important: You need to know how to create Activation Keys. Please visit this topic: Create and Manage Activation Keys.