F.A.Q.: How to add EULA

Display End User License Agreement

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Add End User License Agreement to your spreadsheet.

This topic describes how to setup text for End User License Agreement.

EULA could be added in a few clicks in the options, so there is nothing to describe. You can find this information here - EULA Options.

xlCompiler uses Spreadsheet features to display EULA in your application. This is one of the examples that Spreadsheet is not only a set of formulas. This is feature rich application which can be used in various ways.

You need to create xlcEULA worksheet in your book and fill it with text.

Tip: We suggest to make it hidden in the book, so your customer will never see it.

This is all you need to do. Below we describe benefits of this approach:

  • You can use Text Formatting options - Fonts, Alignment, ...
  • Add your LOGO to the EULA - just add image to this sheet
  • Hyperlinks
  • All possible in the spreadsheet ...

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